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Constructing an excellent resume to showcase your talents and experiences can be a daunting task. You have to summarize your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and education in a way that will capture the interest of a prospective employer. The primary goal of a resume is to gain an invitation to an interview.

Most people have a difficult time showcasing their skills and professionally "SELLING" themselves. We have included valuable tips if you chose to write your own resume, cover letter, or vitae.

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Without professional assistance, you can find various sites on the Internet and rows of books at the bookstore dedicated to writing powerful, effective resumes. And you will quickly note that the information is often conflicting. Opinions differ about what you should and should not do simply because hiring managers and HR professionals have varying preferences. It is virtually impossible to craft a resume that will win rave reviews from everyone.

However, we feel strongly that a simple, results-oriented resume is effective in virtually every instance. Below are the McNamara Search Associates, Inc. top tips for creating a winning resume.

Present your information in a clear, organized manner. Be consistent with your format and remember that readability is the key factor. Skip on the fancy fonts and graphics. If sending hard copy, use a high-quality printer that doesn’t smudge text.

Be concise. Generally, a one-page resume should be used if you have less than 5-6 years of post-degree experience. Regardless of your level of experience, we rarely advise going over three pages. Avoid lengthy descriptions and long narratives.

Use bulleted lists to organize information. This is more readable than a lengthy paragraph.

Use relevant information. Include information that directly applies to the job for which you are applying. Never assume that someone will know what you do based on your job title.

Most hiring managers prefer a chronological resume. List your degree and educational qualifications first if they are relevant to the job, then follow with your experience. You can abandon adherence to a chronological order if your prior experience is more relevant than your most recent or present job.

Quantify your experience when possible. Use numerical figures, such as funds saved, efficiency improved, profits increased, and so on that demonstrate progress or accomplishments due directly to your work. Back up your statements with data and facts.

Begin sentences with action verbs. Use active language that provides a clear picture of your experience, skills, and talents.

Include your technical knowledge. Never assume that someone will know that you are computer literate. List all operating systems, platforms, and software with which you have experience.

Omit superfluous items. You should not include your hobbies, marital status, health, citizenship, age, social security number, irrelevant associations and memberships, references, salary history, or reasons for leaving previous jobs.

Have others review your resume. Ask a detail-oriented friend to review your resume. Get professional opinions when possible.

Proof your resume thoroughly. Proofread for spelling errors, grammatical weaknesses, confusing sentence structures, incorrect punctuation, and inconsistent capitalization.

Whew! That was hard work wasn't it?

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